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What level should she be in and how does she join?

Troop levels are decided by grade level in school, not age:
   Daisies: K-1st grade
       Troop / Leader: Kindergarten Troop Troop #### / Undecided
       Troop / Leader: 1st Grade Troop #4254 / Kristie R.
   Brownies: 2nd-3rd grade
       Troop / Leader: 2nd Grade Troop #4093 / Trisha R.
       Troop / Leader: 3rd Grade Troop #4780 / Kim T.
   Juniors: 4th-5th grade
       Troop / Leader: 4th Grade Troop #4629 / Trisha R.
       Troop / Leader: 4th Grade Troop #4053 / Shondra J.
       Troop / Leader: 5th Grade Troop #4455 / Jenny B.
   Cadettes: 6th-8th grade
       Troop / Leader: Troop #4518 / Jennifer W. 
   Seniors: 9th-10th grade
   Ambassadors: 11th-12th grade

(Troops / Leaders listed above are for the 2013-14 school year and are in Service Area #33 and in the Illini Bluffs School / Glasford, IL area. If there are no Troops close to you, we'd be happy to have your daughter join our Troop. To find Troops in a different area, please contact your local Girl Scout Council.)

Fees Involved:
Registration is $15 per person. (Adults can register too, if they are going to be involved with helping in a Troop.) Most girls will join a Troop that is active in their school district, but there is not always one available. In this case, she could join a nearby Troop or be registered as a Juliette Girl Scout (independent of a Troop). If your daughter is interested in joining Girl Scouts but you cannot afford the registration fee, funding is available. Please contact the Peoria Girl Scout Council at 309-688-8671.

Dues are collected by many Troops to help offset the cost of badges, supplies, and outings. This amount may vary with each Troop.

Uniform and required badges will need to be purchased. The minimum a girl can purchase is the Insignia Tab, WAGGGS pin, and Scout Membership pin. Most girls purchase the Vest or Tunic to wear, this also gives a place to show the badges that your daughter has earned. Total cost for Vest, Badges, and Pins is approximately $32.00 (This is a one-time purchase that will cover your uniform for the entire two years of Brownies...unless your daughter outgrows her vest, so purchase with growth in mind.). All uniform pieces can be purchased at the local Girl Scout Council Office (1103 W. Lake Ave., Peoria, IL) as well as online.


Girls are encouraged to wear their uniforms any time they do Scouting activities (ie: meetings, outings, etc). Girls are also asked to ear their uniforms to school on meeting day to encourage interest in Girl Scouts from their classmates. Please remind your daughter that she is not to play with her uniform during class time. Also be sure to put her name inside the vest or sash in case it is misplaced.

Insignia Tab
The minimum a girl can wear that counts as her uniform is the Insignia Tab with the WAGGGS pin and the appropriate Scout level pin. It is to be worn pinned to the left side of the shirt. If wearing a sash, the Tab would still get pinned to the left side of the shirt. If wearing a vest, it would be pinned to the left side of the vest, opposite of the Council IDs and Troop Numbers.
Insignia Tab | $2.50
World Trefoil Pin (WAGGGS) | $2.25 (If your daughter was a Girl Scouts a previous year, you should already have this pin. These pins will transfer with you to each uniform in every level of Girl Scouts.)
Brownie Girl Scout Membership Pin | $1.50 (or pin for the appropriate Girl Scout level)

Sash or Vest
Most girls wear a Sash or a Vest as their uniform. A Sash can be worn, but a Vest is recommended as it will hold more pins and badges and therefore can be used for the majority of, if not the entire 2 years your daughter is in Brownies. Please keep in mind, if you decide to go with the Sash you can only transfer the pins. You will have to repurchase all of the main badges that belong on a Girl Scout uniform.
Sash | $5.75
Vest | $17.25

Uniform Badges

In addition to the Insignia Tab and Pins (listed above), below is a list of additional badges that should be on the Girl Scout Uniform and where they should be placed. They are available at your local Girl Scout Council office (1103 W. Lake Ave., Peoria, IL) as well as online.

Wavy United States Flag | $1.75
Place the Flag just below the shoulder line on the Sash. Place the Flag just below the shoulder seam on the right side of the Vest.

Girl Scouts Identification Strip/Council Identification Strip | $4.00
Place this set just below the Wavy Flag Patch.

Troop Number | $5.00 ($1.25/ea)
Our Troop number is 4 6 2 9. They represent the troop number assigned to your troop/group by your council. Place these numerals horizontally below the council identification strip.

Other Badges and Pins That Can Be Earned
(Parents do not purchase these, these will be supplied by the Troop.)

Membership Stars and Discs
Place these pins directly beneath the troop numerals, beginning with the first level of scouts that the child participated in. Daisy Girl Scout star (on blue disc), then the Brownie Girl Scout stars (on green discs) and so on. Each membership star stands for being registered for one troop year. (These pins will transfer with you to each uniform in every level of Girl Scouts.)

Bridge to Brownie Girl Scouts Award
Place the Bridge to Brownie Girl Scouts Award below the membership stars on the Brownie Girl Scout sash or vest. Daisy Girl Scouts complete activities for this award to prepare for Brownie Girl Scouting and it can be worn only on the Brownie Girl Scout uniform.

Girl Scout Cookie® Sale Activity Pins
The Girl Scout Cookie Sale Activity Pins are worn to show participation in the Girl Scout Cookie Sale. (These pins will transfer with you to each uniform in every level of Girl Scouts.)
Color for Each Year
2009-10 = Hot Pink
2010-11 = Purple
2011-12 = Orange
2012-13 = Turquoise/Teal
2013-14 = 

Daisy Petals
Petals go on the left side of the Vest, below the Insignia Tab.

Daisy Journey Badges
Daisy Journey Badges go on the bottom, inside corners of the Daisy Vest, one set per side.

Brownie Awards 
Brownie Award Badges are placed below the Membership Stars, above the Try-Its.

Brownie Girl Scout Try-Its
Wear Brownie Girl Scout Try-Its on the vest or sash below the membership stars, placed as received, horizontally in rows of four or five. Arrange Try-Its on the left and right sides of the vest to achieve a balanced appearance. They can also be continued around the bottom of the vest to the back. Each Brownie Girl Scout Try-It represents completion of activities in an area of interest.

Fun Patches and Pins
Girls can earn a badge for practically everything. Some of these are "Fun" Patches. They are earned by taking a trip somewhere, going on a camping trip, learning about health, going to the fair, participating in special GS programs, etc. The Fun Patches and Pins are placed on the back of the Sash or Vest.

View badge placement below (click on pictures to view larger)

To view badge placement for other Girl Scout Levels, please click here.

Optional Uniform Items

Brownie Beanie - cute little beanie hats that some troops wear.
Brownie Shirts -short sleeve button up light blue shirt, turtle neck, sweatshirt, long sleeve tee and short sleeve tee varieties
Brownie Bottoms - skorts, cargo pants, and cute drawstring pant options
Brownie Accessories -Brownie tie (worn with official Brownie short sleeve button up shirt,) hair accessories, socks, jewelry.

Items listed above are available at your local Girl Scout Council Office (1103 W. Lake Ave., Peoria, IL Phone 688-8671) as well as online.


Some of the badges that your daughter will receive can just be ironed on to the vest. These badges should come in special packaging that gives you the iron on directions. Follow the directions and you should have no problems with your badges staying on the uniform. (Addition to this note - the badges that we have been ironing on for the 2011-12 year have not been staying on, even though they are meant to be ironed on, so an alternative method might need to be used so badges are not lost.)

Many of the fun patches and some of the regular badges are sew-on, which means they cannot be ironed on without the purchase of something to iron it on with. If you're not quite up to the task of sewing them on (I know I'm not) you have a few options: 1) Find someone nice enough to sew them on for you, or 2) you can buy Dritz Stitch Witchery (fusible tape), Fuse Adhere (fusible backing), or Heat n Bond Ultrahold (iron-on adhesive) or 3) you can try Dritz Liquid Stitch.

The products in option 2 and option 3 are available at Jo-Ann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, or even at Walmart. I have personally used the Dritz Liquid Stitch before, and in my experience, this is a easy, quick fix, but it doesn't last forever. You will need to watch to be sure no patches start to fall off and you will probably still need to sew the badges on eventually, but it will get you by in a pinch.

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